Top 10 Tips for Online Advertising Success

Tip One: Know your audience

Be absolutely sure of the people you are searching for online. You can configure online advertising to be incredibly specific about the people you want to attract. Being as specific as possible allows you to maximise your reach from a budget point of view, while at the same time identifying who is most likely to buy from you.

Tip Two: Test, then test again

You are in total control of who you are talking to. And you know how you are talking to them and when you are talking to them. And you know how much you are willing to spend. Which means that you can run multiple sets of ads at the same time and compare results. Keep doing this over and over until you get the results you are looking for. Then… keep on testing. Just because you’ve found something that works, it doesn’t mean that there’s not something out there that would work BETTER.

Tip Three: Use Emotional Language and Imagery

Sex might sell, but emotions sell more, and to an audience you’d probably prefer to attract on a repeatable basis. Use the right words and images to attract your ideal customer and they’ll want to BUY from you, rather than you having to SELL to them.

Tip Four: Talk about the Benefits

Not the features… your customers want to know how your product or service will make their lives better. They don’t really care how it does that. No, honestly, they don’t. They just want the end result. Kind Thanks.

Tip Five: Don’t go for the Jugular

You are talking to your potential customers in their private personal online environment. Respect that. We all know that obnoxious person who walks into a networking meeting and tries to sell to someone the second they’ve shaken your hand. Build a relationship, engender trust. You don’t like high-pressure sales, and neither will your customer.

Tip Six: Create a Brand

If you want to generate Brand Recognition, then you need to be consistent. This means that you choose one or two fonts (no more). You choose a specific type of image. You choose to use one or two filters on a regular basis. Your customer should be able to look at a page of images and pick out the one that is yours. Put some consideration into a ‘look’ and then stick with it. If what you look like as a company isn’t already set in stone, the above testing in Tip 2 might form part of your decision-making process.

Tip Seven: Don't try to be Everything to Everyone

You do something specific, and you do it very well. Don’t try to manipulate what you do to fit a specific audience. Go looking for the right audience for your product or service. Of course, if you’ve done it the right way around, you’ve already found the audience you want to work with and have created a product or service that you knew they need and are willing to pay for.

Tip Eight: Check your workings

There’s not much point making a load of effort creating graphics, and content and actual ads if you don’t assess what you’ve got out of them. Make sure that you’ve set up everything correctly so that you can extract the maximum amount of information from your results. Once you know what you got for your money, revisit Tip Two.

Tip Nine: Keep a Weather Eye Out

Don’t just set your advert running and then wander off and become distracted. Firstly, and this is a top safety tip, don’t leave things on automatic payments if you’re new to this. Set a budget, see what you got for it. Set another, try something else – then see what worked better. What you don’t want is to come back a couple of weeks later and realise you’ve accidentally spent far more than you meant to.

Tip Ten: Do or Do Not. There is no Try.

Change Costs. It’ll either cost you money or time. If you’re going to do it right, it’ll cost you quite a bit of both. So, make an effort.Try multiple things. Do your research. Check your results. If you don’t like them, adjust and try again. Online Advertising is a wonderful, powerful way of making sales on your own terms, but it isn’t always straightforward. So, if you’d like some more help, download our in-depth (and utterly strings-free) report below.

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